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Technology behind RFID

  • An electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the RF (radio frequency) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is used to transmit signals.

  • The RFID system consists of an antenna and a transceiver, which reads the radio frequency and transfers the information to a processing device (reader) and a transponder, or RF tag, which contains the RF circuitry and information to be transmitted.

  • RFID systems can use a variety of frequencies to communicate,but because radio waves work and act differently at different frequencies, a frequency for a specific RFID system is often dependant on its application ACS Network Solutions innovates new automates attendance systems based on RFID for Schools to get the leverage of NEXT TECHNOLOGY.

  • RFID system is affordable and was needed for children’s safety and security given the long distances they have to commute to get to school and back home.


The card called rTag will have all the information at regular intervals be sent as an SMS as when he or she left school. At school the same mechanism will serve as an identity card and help keep tabs on attendance, academic performance as well as movements.

How it works: RFID System function

Send message to inform parents their kids have safely arrived or left school.

Students wear the Tag — a card with a unique identification number — around their neck. A reader installed at the school records a student’s arrival, and subsequent movements, passing it on to a central computer. Messages are then generated automatically and sent to parents and others.

Students don’t have to stop to slide card one by one and the system automatically record all attendance information.

It will save time for teachers since they will no longer need to take manual attendance and can focus time saved on teaching.

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